Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Our First Blog!

Well, we have been married for 32 days. It's flown by! We both are enjoying married life when we can in between work, church and homegroup. But, somehow we manage. We finally unpacked all of our new toys (thank you to all who blessed us with gifts- thank you cards are on the way, I promise!) and are getting settled. Yesterday was the battle of the bed frame. We finally have our room done!

Tim is wrapping up the semester @ Multnomah. Students will be leaving for the summer next week, which means Tim gets the summer off. He is working on building up his private practice, Lighthouse Counseling, and sees clients on Mondays at his office in Clackamas. He is also doing Membership shifts @ Cascade Athletic Club which is nice (free gym memberships!).

I am still slinging beans @ Peet's Coffee in Lake Oswego, but am looking at possibly going back to Costco while I pursue my certification in Personal Training. It's a slow process, but I am looking forward to finally doing what I am passionate about!

Well, that's about all for this first blog. If you would like to see pictures from the dating/engagement/wedding/honeymoon periods, check out our online albums at

More to come!

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  1. Hi Ludemans! Welcome to the wonderful world of Blogging. Love you bed, btw - great colors!! Glad you hear you are enjoying married life - it's just gets better. :D