Monday, March 15, 2010

Times a Flyin!!!

Wow! Time flies when you're having fun!! January 2nd, we celebrated our 1 year "engagementaversary" by spending an amazing day downtown. Crazy! February brought with it a lovely Valentine's Day and Tim's first full month working as the MAC coordinatorn at Multnomah.

March has gone a little bit slower, thank goodness! We kicked off our Marriage Groups at church. We're going through Gary Thomas's book "Sacred Marriage" which has been great so far. We are really enjoying being mentored by Rob and Karen Howells and getting to know the other 2 couples in the group.
This last weekend, my old roommate Sherri came down and stayed with us. We ran the Shamrock Run, shopped @ Nike, ate out a ton and had some great conversations. It was soo much fun getting to catch up with her and have a little roommate reunion :0)

There have also been plans brewing for me to start working @ the East Gresham Club doing part time training! I am soooooooooo excited to actually start doing what I love! Here's some of my wonderful Cascade friends and coworkers at our last staff meeting.
We are looking forward with great anticipation toward the next few months. On April 4th, we will celebrate not only Christ's resurrection, but our 1 year anniversary!! We feel so blessed to have had an amazing first year of marriage! And our friends can tell you, no sparks have faded here! We are also attending a marriage conference @ Seaside in mid April as well as going to Puerto Vallarta for our one year in the end of May!!! So much to be thankful for!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

December Fun!

December came and went so quickly this year!!! On the 11th, we celebrated our 2 year anniversary since our first date @ Bipartisan :0) The month was full of unpacking, pipes freezing and more house cleaning than I have ever done!! Oh the joys of home ownership, lol!

We had a blast at the Cascade Christmas party. Tim won a new drill with the tickets I earned from the work out challenge. He was very excited about it. Tim also finished up his time @ CAC and accepted a new position @ Multnomah as a coordinator for MAC students and internship sites!! He is now full time there and getting used to his new job duties. I do miss my co-worker husband @ club meetings, but am sooo excited to see him take this new step!!
We had a movie marathon at our house with friends from work and church. It was soo fun to host our first party! The next night we had Dave and Cindy, Rian and Becky over for dinner and gifts. It was nice to be able to spend a little bit of time with them before we left for California.
We spent the week of Christmas in my home state of California. We stayed in Rancho Cordova, but spent most of our time in Sacramento. We had a blast seeing my family! It felt like it had been so long!! More to come on that...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

1st Married Turkey Day!!!

We thoroughly enjoyed our first Thanksgiving as a married couple this year! We spent the morning both working at the club. After work, we drove to Aurora to meet up with the rest of the Fam. After stuffing ourselves with yummy turkey dinner, we had delicious desserts! I made my first cheesecake, a pumpkin layer cheesecake. It was a little mooshy in the middle, but tasted amazing! After chatting and taking some family photos, we headed home. But, we ate lunch so early, we made a quick dash through Jack in the Box for dinner! It might become a tradition, lol.

So, here's the immediate fam: Kim and Tim Ludeman, Rian and Becky Merril, Dave and Cindy Ludeman

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Home Owners!!!

Well, tomorrow is the big day!! We will sign our lives (and money) away to purchase our new home!! We are super excited, but nervous as well. I think it happened so fast, that our heads are still spinning! But, it has been an awesome process and we have Mellisa Reeves, our wonderful realator, to thank for that. She has done such an awesome job being on top of things that our most important job became sitting and praying, lol! We are so thrilled to have this incredible opportunity to build a new home together (hopefully roommate free for a little while!)

We have been so busy with packing and preparing, that not much else is really new. We're going to have a girls painting party @ the house early next week to take care of some of the colors in the rooms. This loft area will be a pale yellow to draw light in from the window and sky light.

This room will be a light lavender color to open up the room and soften it. This will be the upstairs master bedroom (for now, at least). This room will be painted the same as the downstairs master, a light lavender. And, this room will stay an office space for Tim. I'm still deciding if I want to change the colors in this room. If not, I will go will a green-blue-brown theme.

We are soo looking forward to being in our new home before Christmas! What a great blessing and thing to be thankful for!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Home Buying

Well, this has been quite a month, that's for sure. I think we will both be glad to move onto November, lol. Through a series of random events, we found this house via our friend Marcus. He actually took us on a tour of the one next door, but we decided to pursue this one instead. It's beautiful! Here's a website where you can check it out:
I am amazed at how much stuff we have acquired bth together and apart! Moving will be quite the adventure. We are currently waiting on the appraisal. When that comes in, we will enter into final negotiations and underwriting- then closing! So, we are holding our breath and hoping the appraisal comes in at a good amount.
So, please pray that everything with the appraisal goes quickly and smoothly as we are looking to close by November 20th!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Weekend Getaway!!!

My 25th birthday was September 28th. I can't believe that I am a quarter of a century old!! To celebrate this momentus occasion, Tim and I were able to take off Sunday and Monday and head to Ocean Shores in Washington. It was a beautiful thee hour drive to the coast. Fall is definitely here! We stayed at a World Mark hotel called the Mariner Inn right on the beach! This is a pciture of sunset from our room, well, right outside of it really.
Our little condo was great! It had a fire place and everything. We ordered in pizza for dinner and gorged ourselves on salt water taffy! It was so nice to be able to relax and just be together.

On October 4th, we celebrated our six month anniversary!! We are looking forward to using our free flight to take off for our one year anniversary in April. Can you belive how fast time flies??

Monday, September 14, 2009


It's official: Tim and I are not only husband and wife, but coworkers too!! I have accepted a position in part time membership/group fitness class instructor/fitness motivator @ the Gresham Cascade Athletic Club!! We had our first all club meeting last night and it was so cool to be Team Ludeman, lol. I'll have to post pictures of our matching shirts! I am excited to start this new chapter in my career as a trainer and look forward to when a position for PT opens up.

Tim started back up @ Multnomah this month. With the students back on campus, it's keeping him pretty busy. He does a great job working with the students and is becoming more involved in reaching out to new incoming students (even though some are typical freshman and forget their appointments). Tim's gearing up to really promote his private practice ( and work on some marketing. Go baby go!

We are looking forward to celebrating my birthday (the 28th) and our 6 month anniversary on the 4th of October. We are exctied to see what this fall season has in store for us!!