Monday, March 15, 2010

Times a Flyin!!!

Wow! Time flies when you're having fun!! January 2nd, we celebrated our 1 year "engagementaversary" by spending an amazing day downtown. Crazy! February brought with it a lovely Valentine's Day and Tim's first full month working as the MAC coordinatorn at Multnomah.

March has gone a little bit slower, thank goodness! We kicked off our Marriage Groups at church. We're going through Gary Thomas's book "Sacred Marriage" which has been great so far. We are really enjoying being mentored by Rob and Karen Howells and getting to know the other 2 couples in the group.
This last weekend, my old roommate Sherri came down and stayed with us. We ran the Shamrock Run, shopped @ Nike, ate out a ton and had some great conversations. It was soo much fun getting to catch up with her and have a little roommate reunion :0)

There have also been plans brewing for me to start working @ the East Gresham Club doing part time training! I am soooooooooo excited to actually start doing what I love! Here's some of my wonderful Cascade friends and coworkers at our last staff meeting.
We are looking forward with great anticipation toward the next few months. On April 4th, we will celebrate not only Christ's resurrection, but our 1 year anniversary!! We feel so blessed to have had an amazing first year of marriage! And our friends can tell you, no sparks have faded here! We are also attending a marriage conference @ Seaside in mid April as well as going to Puerto Vallarta for our one year in the end of May!!! So much to be thankful for!!!