Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Home Owners!!!

Well, tomorrow is the big day!! We will sign our lives (and money) away to purchase our new home!! We are super excited, but nervous as well. I think it happened so fast, that our heads are still spinning! But, it has been an awesome process and we have Mellisa Reeves, our wonderful realator, to thank for that. She has done such an awesome job being on top of things that our most important job became sitting and praying, lol! We are so thrilled to have this incredible opportunity to build a new home together (hopefully roommate free for a little while!)

We have been so busy with packing and preparing, that not much else is really new. We're going to have a girls painting party @ the house early next week to take care of some of the colors in the rooms. This loft area will be a pale yellow to draw light in from the window and sky light.

This room will be a light lavender color to open up the room and soften it. This will be the upstairs master bedroom (for now, at least). This room will be painted the same as the downstairs master, a light lavender. And, this room will stay an office space for Tim. I'm still deciding if I want to change the colors in this room. If not, I will go will a green-blue-brown theme.

We are soo looking forward to being in our new home before Christmas! What a great blessing and thing to be thankful for!

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