Monday, September 14, 2009


It's official: Tim and I are not only husband and wife, but coworkers too!! I have accepted a position in part time membership/group fitness class instructor/fitness motivator @ the Gresham Cascade Athletic Club!! We had our first all club meeting last night and it was so cool to be Team Ludeman, lol. I'll have to post pictures of our matching shirts! I am excited to start this new chapter in my career as a trainer and look forward to when a position for PT opens up.

Tim started back up @ Multnomah this month. With the students back on campus, it's keeping him pretty busy. He does a great job working with the students and is becoming more involved in reaching out to new incoming students (even though some are typical freshman and forget their appointments). Tim's gearing up to really promote his private practice ( and work on some marketing. Go baby go!

We are looking forward to celebrating my birthday (the 28th) and our 6 month anniversary on the 4th of October. We are exctied to see what this fall season has in store for us!!

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