Friday, February 12, 2010

December Fun!

December came and went so quickly this year!!! On the 11th, we celebrated our 2 year anniversary since our first date @ Bipartisan :0) The month was full of unpacking, pipes freezing and more house cleaning than I have ever done!! Oh the joys of home ownership, lol!

We had a blast at the Cascade Christmas party. Tim won a new drill with the tickets I earned from the work out challenge. He was very excited about it. Tim also finished up his time @ CAC and accepted a new position @ Multnomah as a coordinator for MAC students and internship sites!! He is now full time there and getting used to his new job duties. I do miss my co-worker husband @ club meetings, but am sooo excited to see him take this new step!!
We had a movie marathon at our house with friends from work and church. It was soo fun to host our first party! The next night we had Dave and Cindy, Rian and Becky over for dinner and gifts. It was nice to be able to spend a little bit of time with them before we left for California.
We spent the week of Christmas in my home state of California. We stayed in Rancho Cordova, but spent most of our time in Sacramento. We had a blast seeing my family! It felt like it had been so long!! More to come on that...

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