Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer Update

We've started summer 2009 with a bang!

Tim is on summer break from Multnomah, which provides more time to focus on his private practice, Lighthouse Counseling. ( He is currently working on meeting up with pastors and churches in the Portland/Vancouver area to get his name out there. He recently taught a guest lecture class on marriage at Mountain Park Church in Lake Oswego. There were about 12 people ages 35 to 60+. No challenge there! But of course, he did a great job in sharing his passion for healthy relationships and working hard to serve your spouse. He used some great examples from John Gottman, Rob Bell and others. I am sooo proud! He's also picked up a couple of days @ Cascade, so if you need a gym membership, be sure to ask him!

We attended the 4th annual Pearl Church retreat @ Canby Grove Conference Center in April. It was a lot of fun connecting with old friends and making new ones. We kick major booty in NERTS! We are looking forawrd to a weekend in Seattle for a 2 day Personal Training workshop that I will be attending in early July. I will be taking the NASM Personal Training Certification test in mid-September- Ahhh! Tim has been absolutely amazing in the role of cheerleader! It's really neat to be able to encourage one another to pursue our dreams and goals. How cool!

Well, that's it for now!

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