Monday, July 6, 2009

Tim's 28th Birthday!!!

on July 2nd, Tim celebrated his 28th birthday!! I sent him to work with chocolate cupcakes for his co-workers @ Cascade (who eats a cupcake @ 9 am?? Should've made muffins....) Then, I made him a special birthday lunch (all his faves) and he opened his presents. He got a few new shirts and a sweet card from Aunt Sharon and Uncle Bruce. After lunch, we wandered down to Peet's on Hawthorne to do a little reading. Then it was off to Than Thai for dinner.
After dinner, we headed out to McMenamins Edgefield in Gresham for a birthday party with the other birthday boy, Brian Cheney. A lot of friends came out to celebrate and join in on a pint or two. I had made cakes for each of the guys, which created quite the plume of smoke once they were blown out! These guys are gettin old!

After pints and tots, we headed home. I'd say it was a pretty special day! Happy Birthday, Tim!

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